Creating a Set

There are three types of sets in Vocabustudy.

Normal sets are made up of term and definition pairs, and are great for studying vocabulary,.

Here's how to create a set:

Open Vocabustudy (obviously)
Make sure you are only-logged- in
Go to the My Sets page
Alternatively, click the account icon at the top right, and select My Sets
SelectCreateand chooseSet
Add a required title to the set, and an optional description if you want
You should also choose whether to make the set public or private
Add terms using theAddbutton
warningMake sure your set has at least four terms
You can alsoImport Itemsfrom Quizlet.
Alternatively, you can copy-paste terms from a vocabulary list, Kahoot, etc.
Add your set to the collections/subjects it falls under
This helps people find it easily
When you're done, clickSave!

Congratulations, you have created a set!

Here are some general guidelines for sets:

Your sets cannot have offensive, harmful, or explicit content.
dangerousSets meeting this criteria will be made private or deleted. The associated account may also be restricted.
Try to keep sets relevant. If you wish to make a joke set, say that it is a joke in the description.
Vocabustudy Admins have the right to view your private sets, as well as make edits to (or even delete) your existing sets.

Have fun making useful sets!

Importing a Quizlet Set

Importing a Quizlet set into the Vocabustudy Set Editor is an easy task. There are two main ways to accomplish this:

The Extension

The Quizlet Converter extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox.

First, obtain the Quizlet set ID. Quizlet set URLs look something like this:

With the extension installed, navigate to

This should bring up the set editor with the Quizlet set prefilled!

The Bookmarklet

A bookmarklet is a piece of JavaScript in a bookmark that runs when you click it.

You'll need to bookmark this URL:

javascript: (function () {if (location.pathname.match(/^\/\d+\/[\w-]+\/?$/)) navigator.clipboard.writeText(Object.values(JSON.parse(JSON.parse(document.getElementById("__NEXT_DATA__").innerText).props.pageProps.dehydratedReduxStateKey).setPage.termIdToTermsMap).map(el => {let a = {term: el.word, definition: el.definition}; if (el._imageUrl) a.term += ` ![image](${el._imageUrl})`;return a}).map(e => `${e.term}  ${e.definition}`).join("\n")).then(() => alert("Copied terms to clipboard! Paste this into \"Import Terms\" in Vocabustudy.")).catch(err => alert(`An error occurred: ${err.toString}`)); else alert("You must do this on a Quizlet set page");}())

You can either drag it to your browser's bookmarks bar or right click it and select the option which will bookmark it.

To use it, click it when on a Quizlet set page. It will copy a Vocabustudy compatible serialization of the set to your clipboard.

You can paste this in the Import Terms dialog

Creating an Account

Creating an account gives you the ability to:

  • Create sets

  • Save sets

  • Comment on sets

  • Like sets

  • And more!

How to create an account

1. Click the account icon at the top right of the header or go to

2. Click "log in" in the menu that appears.

3. You will have a choice to choose between either creating your account by sigining in with Google or with email.We recommend signing in with Google, because it is much easier to create your account and login to it. However, if you want to create your account with email, here are the steps:

  1. Press the button that says "Sign in with email".

  2. Enter your email in the menu that appears.

  3. Enter your name and the password that you want to use for your new account.

  4. It will bring up information about email verification. Press "Send Verification Email" when you are ready.

  5. You will get a message at the bottom of the screen when the email has been sent.

  6. Open your email.

  7. Look for an email from (such a cool, professional email, I know!!!!) titled "Verify your email for Vocabustudy".

  8. Open it and click the link.

  9. It will tell you when your email is verified.

  10. Close the tab with the email verification link.

  11. Reload the My Account page on Vocabustudy.

Your Account has been verified!

You can now use your account when you are using Vocabustudy.

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